Lake District National Park

In the Lake District are the highest mountains in England. The National Park is located in the northwest of the country and offers hikers great trails and really challenging mountains.
From the height you can not be fooled, the climbs have it in part.

Below is a description of my hike to the peaks of Ill Crag (935 m), Great End (910 m) and Esk Pike (885 m).

Ill Crag (935 m), Great End (910 m) and Esk Pike

I start my hike at Hostel YHA Borrowdale at 6:15.
It is amazingly bright outside and I therefore skip the patched Petzl Duo Led 5 headlamp.

After checking the walkway behind the hostel yesterday, I opted for the road. This leads me first to Seatoller and from there to Seathwaite (rainiest village in England). In 45 minutes I bring this distance behind me.

Hiking Lake District England
Lake District National Park Hiking
Hiking in the Lake District offers great hiking trails

Stockley Bridge, Styhead Tarn and Stretcher Box

According to the marchplan and my route notes, the stone bridge now follows Stockley Bridge, to this one I need a good hour. From here it is now right up in steeper turns. Another option would be right along the river, but then you missed an incredibly great stretch of road.

Because here you walk towards the water flowing down until you get to its source: Styhead Tarn.

In such places, the feeling of inner peace, balance and happiness always flows through me. Pure nature, unspoiled nature and free of worries or tourism. Just lovely…

At the end of the pond, I immediately see the Stretcher box, which is noted as the next waypoint.

Hiking Great Gable, Wasdale or Scafell Pike ?

From here three paths lead in the following directions:

– Right up starts the climb to Great Gable

– Straight on, the path leads down into the valley to Wasdale

– left up the ascent to Scafell Pike / Ill Crag

However, I do not choose the Corridor route, because I do not recognize them in the fog at all, but continue the trail just continue until I come to another lake. Originally, the ascent of the Scafell Pike was planned, but the weather conditions allow me to reschedule at short notice.

The lake (Sprinkling Tarn) was later to play an interesting role.

The trail is clearly visible and leads up and up until I reach a plateau (Esk home). Left and right, the towering peaks are repeatedly visible through the raging cloud cover.

Lake District Hiking
Hiking the Lake District in England

Imposing survey of Esk Pike (885 m)

I decide to climb the mountain on the left hand, which actually requires head for heights and surefootedness in the summit area. The wind is very strong at the top, so I go up and back as fast as possible.
Over snow fields as in the Alps

The ascent to the Ill Crag (935 m) leads over some passages with frozen snow fields, which carry my weight loosely. Although the weather is always cloudy, but dry, I would like to film the last few meters to the summit with the Go Pro camera.

Heavy snowstorm with hail

The wind up here was already very strong the whole time. However, I would not have expected anything in life in the shortest time (not 2 minutes). Although I also had to deal with extreme conditions on the way to the summit of Ben Nevis, but the hail falling and again poor visibility are not really comfortable.

Here and now I will not turn back, but seek and climb the summit of Ill Crag. Said and done.

Trip to the Great End (910 m)

On the way back – under heavy snowfall – I make another detour to the third summit. But then I have enough up here and go downstairs again.

I meet some hikers, everyone asks me about the conditions and when I come back to the lake, the landscape is completely changed. If I did not know better, I would not believe it. Thick snowflakes transformed the entire area into a winter landscape.
Accompanied by repeatedly falling hailstorms, I walk back to the valley and return to the hostel after 8 hours of truly impressive experiences.

Hiking in the Lake District National Park

The landscape and conditions changed completely in about 1 hour.  Now it was like walking in a winter wonderland 😉

The Lake District is gorgeous, but …

The weather in the Cumbrian Mountains can change abruptly and you should definitely be hikers.

Otherwise, the Lake District National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK and, in my opinion, even worldwide. Hiking there is awesome, but you have to be ready for all kind of weather. Therefore you need waterproof clothes and shoes. Some of them you can find here.