Hiking and Travelling over years made one missing thing more and more clear:

A Platform, where you get informations and maps about hiking trails and also can book accomodations or activities nearby. We had to search this on different platforms at the same time and this isn`t the best solution. So we started HIKING BNA to change this…

Talk to and meet New Friends – our team

We are also hiking a lot and in our “circle” it is normal to talk to each other and get to know new people very fast. People with same interests like nature, fresh air and hike around the world are nice and quiet ones. Hopefully we are too 😉

Estefania Feigel
Estefania FeigelCEO, Contact
I am loving nature, dancing and travel.
Nature 93%
Rhythm 99%
Michael Feigel
Michael FeigelHiker, CEO
I love to hike and get to know new people.
Outdoor 96%
Adventure 85%
Madeeha Developer
PHP 95%
WordPress 95