Fichtel Mountains (German: Fichtelgebirge)

The Fichtel Mountains form a small horseshoe-shaped mountain range in northeastern Bavaria, Germany. They extend from the valley of the Red Main River to the border of the Czech Republic.

The Fichtel Mountains contain an important nature park, the Fichtel Mountain Nature Park, with an area of 1,020 square kilometres (390 sq mi).

The highest mountain is the Schneeberg at 1,053 metres (3,455 ft). Other major summits are the Ochsenkopf (1,024 m), Platte 946 m, the Kösseine (939 m), the Großer Waldstein (877 m) and the Großer Kornberg (827 m).

Geomorphologically the Fichtel Mountains are a horseshoe-shaped massif consisting of several linked ridges, hence the term Fichtel Mountain Horseshoe (Fichtelgebirgs-Hufeisen).

There is a hiking challenge called 12 Mountains Hike, which contains twelve mountains and you have to hike along the Fichtel Mountain Horseshoe. Overall more than 60 kilometers. There are offers for that trip, also a “lighter” version with about 45 kms, the 3 Mountains Hike. For further informations contact us or see the hiking packages.

Hiking trail in germany Höhenweg in the Fichtel Mountains Bavaria
Fichtel Mountains in winter

What leisure activities are there in FICHTEL MOUNTAINS?

Leisure activities in the Fichtelgebirge are so varied and varied that it is hard to decide, not to “miss” anything. Here we want to give an overview and describe our recommendations in separate contributions.


Almost in every village in the Fichtelgebirge there are great buildings, old fountains and monuments to see. Sometimes it’s just the small things that stay in your memory for a long time and have a special appeal. Be it a nice accessory in the garden, a former magnificent building under monument protection or preserved cellars (Reichenbach, Weissenstadt). There are museums that tell of the past and on rainy days provide variety: Fichtelgebirgsmuseum in Wunsiedel, German Porcelain Museum in Hohenberg, German-German Museum in Mödlareuth, European Industrial Museum of porcelain in Selb-Plößberg or the “Folklore Device Museum” in a former Farm in Bergnersreuth, a suburb of Arzberg. A very informative list of monuments can be found here.


The Fichtelgebirge offers award-winning quality hiking trails such as the Höhenweg, Quellenweg, Jean-Paul-Weg, the Teutsche Paradeiß and among other things a section of the Franconian mountain path. Walks can be designed according to performance or personal challenges and interests. For guided walks to special places and useful information Michael Feigel is your real contact person. Multi-day tours with hut overnight stays or in one of the numerous restaurants along the paths are highly recommended to explore the Fichtelgebirge hiking. Diverse leisure activities and activities The recreational opportunities are extremely diverse. They range from summer tobogganing on the Ochsenkopf to deval karting in Oberwarmensteinach and the climbing garden. Mountain biking is very popular in the Fichtelgebirge and there are many different possibilities for swimming: forest baths, natural swimming pools, indoor pools or lakes.


The Fichtelgebirge also offers quiet valleys, quiet forests with gently rushing streams and inviting lake landscapes. Here you can switch off, come to rest and let your mind wander.

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